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Dristy leading tertiary care referral eye hospital.

Dristy persistent efforts over the years, to provide latest treatment in eye care under one roof, saved patient’s valuable time from travelling to metro cities for expert eye care treatments.

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Patient Care

We offer both out-patient services and in-patient services at our hospitals. We have a dedicated team of Specialist Ophthalmologists, nursing staff, administrative staff and support staff

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Our Service

In a developing country like India, rural population still has difficulty in accessing quality eye treatment.We recognized this need early on and has put in an elaborate system to identify patients in near-by villages

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Dristy Eye Hospital researches to eliminate needless blindness by providing evidence through research and evolving methods to translate existing evidence and knowledge into effective action.

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Our Specialities .

Lasik Eye Surgery

If you have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, LASIK eye surgery may be the best ...

Treating Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are common among older adults, because tear production can change or slow down ...

Glaucoma Care

If you have glaucoma, you have too much fluid which builds up pressure in your eye...

Are you Diabetic?

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most common eye disorders among diabetics.It occurs when blood...

Our Mission

Strength does not come from physical capacity,It comes from an indomitable will ...

"To be a center of excellence in eye care services with comprehensive, affordable and ethical practices and a focus on extending equitable and efficient eye care to underprivileged."

Our Mission

Protecting the eye sight of those one who are unable to pay the required charge to save their eyes. The hospital holds great potential in improving the quality access and affordability in health care for rural patients.

Our Vision

Taking medical services to the doorstep of the underprivileged in rural Jharkhand and Bihar.. Based on the patients diagnosis, the patients brought to the hospital from the camp for the further treatment, which is provided free of cost.

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